Did you know it’s traditional to MAKE LOTS OF NOISE during soccer games?  If you hear someone start a cheer/chant – even in another section - PLEASE join in and make it LOUDER!

Too quiet?  Start one in your section!

You've heard us sing. You've heard us chant. Join us in making some noise!


Flash! (with drum during corner kicks):
FLASH! Whoa-oo-oh
(Repeat ten times/until signal to stop)

Yellow Submarine:
We all cheer for 
the Western NY Flash, 
The Western NY Flash, 
The Western NY Flash.



Let's Go Flash!
Let’s Go Fla-ash! 
(clap, clap, ClapClapClap)
(Repeat multiple times until signal to stop)

General Player Chant:
[Their first name], (clap, clap)
[Their last name], (clap, clap)
(Repeat three times)


 We Love You song (Bye Bye Birdie):

We love you Fla-a-sh, Oh yes we do-o
We don’t love anyone as much as you
When you aren’t scoring, we’re blue
Oh Fla-a-ash, we love you!



Do you have a favorite chant?  Did you get struck by inspiration during a game and want help getting your chant started?  Visit the Flash Mob in Section 118 and let us help you get it started! 




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