Game Day

Game Day

So...what happens on Game Day?  It doesn't stay at Game Day, that's for sure!



The Mob gets to the park starting 2 hours before game time and assembles in the Gate C parking lot for pre-game fun!  This includes tailgating, dancing, singing, and talking about the upcoming game.  We also distribute flags, signs, banners, Bang Buckets, and other game day fun items to Mob members.  This is done on a first come, first served basis! If you are a Mobber who wants a specific banner to hang/wave, get there early!

As it grows closer to game time, we make sure any messes we made are cleaned up and then make our way into the stadium.  We help get the rest of the fans excited for the game and encourage them to start chanting and singing with us.


Warm ups:

When the teams take the field for warm ups, we mingle with the assembling crowd and hang our banners throughout the stadium.


Game time:

We're loud!  We don't sit down!  And we want you to join in!  Not sure what we're singing?  Check out the Chants page!

To make sure the game remains a positive experience for everyone, we abide by our Mob guidelines:

  • Be respectful of both teams.
  • Be respectful of other fans.
  • Respect the league.
  • Respect the referees.  (And yes, we get annoyed at the referees, too!)
  • Refrain from using strong language.  
  • Drink if you must, but don't be a jerk about it.


Post game:

We congratulate both teams and clear our stuff from the stadium.  Flags, banners, Bang Buckets, and other Mob items are returned and shored up for the next home game.

If possible, we join the team for the post game dinner before they travel back to Buffalo.